Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Long Road

Was thinking about being young.

I lived in San Jose...thought about staying there.

I went to Baltimore...considered hanging out at O's games and becoming a Baltimoron.

Didn't do it.

I also lived in New Haven, Connecticut and really considered staying with the company that I worked with there.

But I took a different road.

The road back home...

...where I met my Waterloo (err...I mean, my beautiful wife).

And then the Camp Clifford Campers came along and the road became steady and straight and the direction became clear.

When I saw that photo I thought of all the chances that we all have to take a different road.

Do we do things because of a pre-arranged plan?

What would have happened had I stayed out in California?

Would there be different Fuzzy kids out there?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words...

...but sometimes it's worth a hundred thousand words.

I kinda' looked at that photo for awhile.

I feel like I've taken the right road most of the time.

Then I put the photo as my screensaver...

...stay steady on the road ahead.

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