Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Walk Through the Woods

I've actually played golf two weeks in a row.

Last week, Picachu and I struggled... the back wouldn't get loose, feet were numb... Miller was shooting in the low 70's beside me.

But it was still the best part of the week....I just felt cheated because I had waited to play and felt like garbage.

I was intent on stretching, resting and icing the back all week so I could play again.

The weather was picture-perfect. Pops and Mike were ready to roll... we didn't have a 4th so I rode alone.

It gave me plenty of time to look around.

The birds. The grass. Good friends.

I double-bogeyed the first hole.

Double-bogeyed two.

Triple-bogeyed three.


I waited all week for that?

And I took a deep breath, cleared my mind, and thought about being aggravated about blowing it.

It worked really well.

 I just relaxed...

...and played better.

Ignored the back and legs...

"My retirement goal is to join a club, play 9 every day before breakfast."

"That would be perfect," I said.

Not sure that I'll be able to do that...

...but as we drove up 18...

...I thought about how great a morning it had been.

Even Picachu would agree.

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