Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jeff Fazzolari Thunder Road Memorial Softball Tournament!

Every single year I am amazed... the sheer beauty of life.

This week I have been receiving packages in the mail!

I was on the road and asked my usual:

"Did we get any mail?"

(I ask this question because the mail has a way of getting lost in the vortex if I don't).

"You received another package," Kathy said.

A package?

Donations from friends...across the country...who want to help us honor Jeff at the softball tournament!

That's beautiful!

Johnny has been here all week.

He's a beautiful kid.

He is a bit of a joker.

Wonder where that came from?

And there is a buzz around the family...

...because on Sunday August 14 at North Collins Town Park at 11 a.m.

Jeff's friends will gather!

And we will celebrate his life!

It's funny, but each and every day I have a little bit of a conversation with Jeff.

I have learned to smile a bit when I tell him about how it's going.

Next Sunday I will smile all day.

Except when Wif Mathis is making me do tricks for him!

Or when I try to take an at-bat!

We really hope to see you there!

If you've been at past tourneys you know how much fun we all have!

The auction will be great!!

The food will be great!!!

The love and beauty will surround you!

Best Day of the Year!

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