Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Oh Dear Lord!

I didn't swing the bat more than 5 times on Sunday.

I didn't so much as take the field, or even take one step in a run from the batter's box.

Rocco ran for me and Thank God too because he turned a couple of outs into infield singles.

But when 2 a.m. on Monday morning rolled around I was wide awake...

...in horrendous pain.

"You're legs are tighter than a coat of paint," the poor lady who was tasked with massaging those legs said after I worked 12 hours on them on Monday.

It saved me...but two massages in four days is going to put me in the poor house...

...and there was a moment at the softball tourney when I watched my brother, John, who is a year older than me and has always run like a deer...

...score from second on a ground ball to short.

And it wasn't even close!

I had a front seat to watch all the kids play.

Jake has excellent foot speed, like his uncle.

John's daughter, Nicole, can fly.

My other boys...

Matt and Sam...

...run like dump trucks.

Sam might be the slowest young kid that I've ever seen play a sport.

Since I was that age.

But you want to talk about speed?

Popple hit a ball about 300 feet over the outfielder's head.

The outfielder got the ball in slowly...really slowly.

But the best Pops could do was a stand-up triple.

He may actually have more foot speed than me or Sam though.

What was funny was that by Game 3 the Lions were all out in the field.

I glanced at the guys who were not playing.

Me, Jeff Renaldo, John Cataldo, and my brother Jim.

We were on the bench...

...talking about how tired we were.

Which was so odd.

Those guys all seem to be 15 years old to me.

We've played beside one another for years...yelling the same baseball slogans...

...now we were sitting there.

"You couldn't pay me enough money to stand at second base," I said at one point.

"There ain't enough money in the world."

Evidently I'm getting too old and broken down to even watch the game now.

Oh Dear Lord!

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