Saturday, August 13, 2016

Boom Boom Out Go the Lights!

"You might not be able to get your reports written quickly tonight," my beautiful wife said mid-afternoon on Friday.

Now anyone that knows me understands that I hate being thrown off course. In fact, it makes me act like a dope.

"Why?" I asked, figuring that someone had broken something around the house. Camp Clifford is in disrepair at times due to the campers being a tad goofy.

"Someone smashed a pole. Lights are out all over the neighborhood. They're saying they might be on in the late afternoon."

But alas, Pops chimed in and told me that it might be 9 p.m.

That wouldn't work!!!

I had the reports but I also had to make my peppers for the hot pepper contest.

I didn't have time for any of this!!

To top it off, it was close to 90 degrees.

"The air is off. It's like a sauna here," Sam said.

The lights didn't come on in the early afternoon.

"We're gonna' miss A-Rod's last game too."


So, what did we do?

We went to a movie! So we could sit in the air conditioning.

The lights came back on at 9:15.

I wrote 15 reports, stuffed 30 peppers, and caught 3 of 4 A-Rod at-bats.

It all worked out.

But man...where would we be without all the things we're used to.

"The Wi-Fi is back on!" Sam cheered.

Stopping hitting poles in my neighborhood please!

I hate routine changes!

Now to win the pepper party!

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