Thursday, August 25, 2016

Three Hours and Fifty Two Minutes

The greatest entertainer of all-time is back in the United States.

Bruce played for nearly four hours Tuesday night in the swamps of Jersey.

His encore was 8 songs long and included two marathon songs, Jungleland and Rosalita.

That encore had to last for at least an hour. We saw Mellencamp play for 75 minutes one night. Bruce is just getting started 75 minutes in.

And for the uninitiated, Bruce never leaves the stage. His breaks consist of him dunking his head in a tub of water during a sax solo.

What's amazing is that he's 66 years old!

I distinctly recall how I felt the first time I saw Bruce...way back in 1983. I couldn't imagine another performer putting on such a show.

But he beat that effort nearly every single time I saw him after that. Back about 6 years ago I actually had the chance to see Bruce and the band in New Jersey. My brothers Jim and John went to the show with me, and believe it or not, there was one empty seat in the entire arena that night...

...the seat where Jeff was supposed to be.

That night Bruce kept going.

We were tired.

Bruce did a long encore...

...then he asked if we wanted another song.

You know the answer.

Bruce said, "Why not? I live right down the street."

I checked Tuesday nights set list.

He started with New York City Serenade.

That's the song where he sings "Walk Tall, or baby, don't walk at all."

Later in the set he played Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

Sounds like a great show.

And my old friend Cynde' was there.

She sent a review:

"Greatest Show Ever!"

Congrats to all who had the chance to see the greatest entertainer in Rock & Roll.

It's gonna' be awhile before you come down from that high.

Hey, ho, rock and roll, deliver me from nowhere.

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