Sunday, February 7, 2016

What If It Wasn't Wide Right?

Super Bowl Sunday.

A downright holiday now...right?

Despite the head injuries, the bad behavior, the greed.


...For one day I'll drop the crusade, and instead, think about the past Super Bowls.

What if Scott Norwood's kick had been true?

Would the Bills had won more than just one?

Would life had changed at all?

It's an interesting question, I suppose, but I honestly believe that it changes absolutely nothing!

The ESPN 30 for 30 on the Bills was on during the day on Saturday.

The documentary covers them all the way through the years and the aftermath of what were some great careers.

Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas are Buffalo mainstays these days.

Seeing them on television is like seeing a member of the family in some ways as they are so familiar to us all.

Buffalo fans are pretty defensive about those losses and the stars of those teams.

"This is pretty sad," Jake said as he entered the room.

They were at the point in the documentary where Whitney Houston was singing the National anthem before the first loss - the painful one:

Giants 20 Bills 19.

Might things have turned out differently for Whitney had the kick been good?

For Jake, the sadness isn't all that real.

He wasn't here.

I remember Whitney and the war and the excitement of seeing the Bills run across that field.

I recall my brothers and sisters, Dad, Mom, my buddy Jeff and a few other friends.

How much that hurt!

He missed it!!!

Echoing off the walls.

I'd known he would miss it...

We can't have anything nice!

"You really gonna' watch it?" Jake asked.

I had never seen the 'missed' kick again...

...which isn't an easy thing to do in this town.

They showed the Bills starting the drive.

Thurman was running wild.

Time was running out.

They showed Norwood on the sidelines.


Jake had turned it off.

"Good call," I said. "I don't need to see that crap."

What if it had gone through?

All that would've happened is that they would have won one.

Nothing else would've changed.

It seems like so much more at the time.

But it's a game.

That's it.

An amusing distraction.

Nothing would've been any different...

...I don't think.

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