Friday, February 26, 2016

The Greatest Entertainer Ever

My ears are ringing.

My back and legs are sore.

34 songs.

The River played to perfection.

Independence Day was explained.

A son and his dad having a conversation.

A son finally seeing, for the first time, the sacrifices that his father made for him that took away some of the life that the Dad had lived.

(Amazing thought - simply amazing - A son telling his Dad that he appreciates the compromises that were made).

I saw it from my Dad's point of view and from the point of view of my boys.

When Bruce sang the last line:

"I never meant to take those things away."

It really, really, really hit me hard.

That was the first half hour into the show!

But then...there was the rock and roll.

One song after another.

No one sitting down.

The crowd singing most of the songs right along with Bruce and Steven.

Just incredible.

And I texted my family...who shares the love and Pops and the Cataldo family and all the people I know who have shared the passion.

"He's getting better."

32 years of going to shows and I've seen 33 of them.

That one was certainly way up on the list.


Cynde Route said...

Another great show!

Cliff Fazzolari said...

What's funny, Cynde is that I vividly recall the first time I heard the Darkness record...on the day it came out. Doug Mallaber and Digger played it for me at Doug's house. We were 12. I recall Digger singing the chorus of Badlands...knew that my life was different from that moment on. Bruce and the band NEVER disappoint!

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