Thursday, February 11, 2016

Foolish Behavior

Cam Newton says that his poor loser behavior is just who he is:

"Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser," he said.

Yeah, well:

Show me a poor loser...and you're still a loser...but now everyone knows you're a crybaby loser.

Show up in gold cleats with MVP on them and dance every time you make a 3-yard gain and you have to be man enough to stand and face the questions when you lose.

You have to!

I thought the Super Bowl was a colossal bore anyway...the game was pathetic...looked like two teams playing a pre-season Thursday night game.

But now there is news that Beyonce was doing a Black Power play as she danced half-naked and chanted something.

The response to her message has been underwhelming in some circles.

I kinda' missed the message all together.

I was emptying the dishwasher as the halftime show was going on.

Emptying the dishwasher was the highlight of the game.

(Right up until I gave up completely two minutes into the 3rd quarter).

I eventually did see Peyton Manning kiss Pappa John at mid-field, and then mention drinking a Bud as if he were doing a commercial

(How much money does that guy need?)

(That was a lovely touch).

But I must say that the pre-game party At Hector & Jeff's was worth the trip out to Brant.

Holy smokes!

The gang out there knows how to party it up.

I had a roast beef sandwich that still makes my eyes water thinking about it.

Had I stayed through the game you may have read about the Blasdell man in the food coma.


Lo and Behold.

The morning after the Super Bowl found the Bills Running Back, Shady McCoy in trouble, for allegedly helping (with three other Rhodes Scholars) to beat the holy hell out of two off-duty cops.

Over a bottle of champagne.

One of the cops suffered a fractured skull.

Great group of guys involved there.

But you know what made my head spin and my stomach turn?

The people who immediately rushed to the defense of the apparently empty-headed running back...

...and were quick to dismiss his blatant alleged criminal act...

...because they need him to run with the ball next year!

I'm so disgusted with that simple fact.

Intelligent people...

...raising these idiots up on a pedestal.

How many more will be arrested in the next three weeks?

A guy from the New York Giants already.

A former baseball player.



Can't they be banned from their millions?

Won't society ever take a stand against abhorrent behavior?

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