Friday, February 12, 2016

Springsteen News

The concert tour is in full swing.

I have always been a fan of The River, of course and I'm looking forward to a couple of songs that I've never seen played live:

The Price You Pay and Jackson Cage.

Along with the other 18 great songs on that record.

Of course, they're playing about 15 more songs after I better get a nap on the day of the show.

Then, news broke on Thursday that Bruce has finished his autobiography.

It's due out in September.

That's incredible.

Through the years there's been very little news about Bruce's personal life.

Somehow he stays out of the news...

...nary a parking ticket.

But what interests me most is that he will most likely let us in on the creative process.

I am looking forward to that most of all.

He will most likely talk about all the members of the band and his two marriages.

Interesting, for sure.

How did he battle depression?

What about that tough relationship with his Dad?

But it will all come back to the writing.

What brings him to the notebook?

I think I know...

...I really do.

I'm imagining that I will finish the book in a sitting or two.

I'm also imagining that I'll read it more than once.



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