Saturday, February 20, 2016

February Sucks

I really hate this month.

I know that you aren't supposed to wish time away, but tell me one good thing about February.

The weather blows.

I really can't do the cold.

My feet always get wet no matter how much I try to guard against it.

The other day I walked out onto a job site with a phone that was at 82%.

I left the phone in the top pocket of my jacket.

The wind was blowing. It was about 8 degrees.

I finished the sideview and got back into the car.

My phone was at 6%!

Did you know that the cold drains the battery?

Even my phone hates February.

Baseball is teasing me.

The pitchers and catchers are reporting.

There aren't any games being played.

The predictions are coming out.

I read them, but they are nothing but a tease!

I want baseball...and they're making me wait.

Also, this is the month of the year where all the contractors I work with want training for their employees.

I don't mind the training.

I enjoy being in a warm room and we all know I like talking.

But it's one session after another!

Day after day.

Same stupid jokes.

I get sick of myself.

That's not easy to do!


...February has to go...


Guess who is stepping in to save the month????



He'll be in town on Thursday to help me finish off February.

He knows me so well!

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