Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bruce Is In Town!!!!

I know that the first song is going to be the great River outtake:

Meet Me In The City...

...I've never seen that one performed live so SCORE!

Right off the bat!!

And then Bruce and the Band are going to play the entire River record.

It's a great record.

I've seen them perform all the huge hits off of that record like the title song, Hungry Heart, Ramrod, The Ties that Bind, Two Hearts and even Drive All Night.

It's the other ones that are going to really get my full attention.

(I may be at full attention for the ones I've already heard).

But I'm thinking Jackson Cage and The Price You Pay.

I love those songs.

This will be the 33rd time that I've seen Springsteen play live.

There's nothing like the first time and I will remember that night back in 1984 until they put me in the grave...

...but I've witnessed a whole bunch of great shows.

In fact...

...the first 32 were the best.

Fenway Park.

Washington D.C.

Mountain View, California

Solo at Shea's

With the Seger Sessions Band...

All great shows.

One of my favorite shows was here in Buffalo.

We had seats behind the stage.

Those aren't great seats, but we were able to see a whole bunch of things... the fact that Bruce was dog-sick.

He was actually trying to get hydrated between songs...coughing, hacking...

And when the show was over we ran into the people who saw it from the front.

"He looked great!" My sister said.

"He was sick as a dog," I said.

"Never noticed it."

He had played over three hours that night.

It'll be the same way tonight!

Meet Me In the City!

We'll be there!!

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