Monday, February 8, 2016

There's Nothing In the Cup!!!

I did a little acting back in college.

I may have told the story before, but I was the lead in a couple of one-act plays.

My beautiful wife remembers the story because the lead actress was really cute and I purchased tickets to go to a real show (not easy to do on a college budget) and I held them out to the pretty girl and asked if she wanted to catch the play down at the Erie Playhouse.

She took both tickets from my hand and said:

"Thank you so much! My boyfriend will be so excited!!"

(Yeah. I was that much of an idiot).

(Hope they've had a long, miserable life together).


During one of the plays we were gathered around a kitchen table where we were supposed to banter back and forth. We had food from McDonald's in front of us and we were supposed to eat it as we talked.

1). The french fries were ice cold!

I almost spit it out onto the table at the start of the act.


2). There was nothing in my drink cup!

"We don't want it spilled," the director said. "Just pretend you're drinking it."

That still haunts me!!!

Because it must be industry-standard to have the cup empty.

Watch a show...any show...

There's nothing in the cup!

The actor will pretend to take a sip.

It always looks horrible!


One actor will hand an empty cup to another actor and you'll be able to tell:

There's nothing in the cup!!!

"Oh, get over it," Kathy will say when I mention it...

...every single time that it happens.

But there's my haunted mind, folks.

Perhaps it all has to do with the money I threw away on that girl and her idiot boyfriend.

But it drives me nuts.

The damn cup is empty!

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