Friday, February 5, 2016

CTE - Brain Damage

Seriously, does anyone even care?

The following NFL players have been posthumously diagnosed with CTE - which is chronic traumatic encephalopathy:

Andre Waters

Mike Webster

Junior Seau

Kenny Stabler

Justin Strzelczyk

Dave Duerson

Most of these men died well before they reached the average life-span for man.

They died violently in some cases.

They say that Waters brain was so badly damaged that it belonged in the head of a 90-year-old man.

Now the experts are saying that O.J. Simpson probably had CTE when he butchered his wife and Ron Goldman.

Does anyone care?

Is football that important?

I can probably answer those two questions with the following two answers:

Hell no!


Of course football is that important!

We are willing to allow men to scramble their brains for our entertainment!

Of course we are!!

They knew the risks!

Stabler pulled himself away from the game in his last few years.

He did so because he didn't want his grandkids playing it because it doesn't matter how good the helmets are - the brain can't be bashed around in the skull!

The players are bigger, faster, stronger...

...they are still leading with their heads.

The fans are bemoaning the fact that flags are being thrown on the close hits.

How many times have you heard a fan yell about the sissy state of the league now?

I honestly believe that the league is in huge trouble.

You won't know that by the time and money spent to watch the Super Bowl this weekend...

...but think of this as you cheer.

There were 237 concussions suffered this past year.

237 men who's brains were hammered in their skull...

...for your entertainment.

Enjoy the game.

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