Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ground Hog, Flipping Coins and Eddie Munster and Super Bowl Pick

The presidential candidates aren't the most physically attractive of people, are they?

(I know, Pops, that hurts coming from me).

But we've seen Hilary looking haggard. We've seen Donald's hair askew...and Bernie's too, for that matter.

We've seen the candidates stand for photos looking their best...and looking their worst...

...and Ted Cruz looks like Eddie Munster.

Good thing it ain't a beauty contest.

(I'm that mean? Ahh...who cares?)

The groundhog said that spring is coming early.

I won't say that it's been a mild Buffalo winter because as soon as I do it'll get nasty...

...but I don't believe in that crap...'s been a great winter!

The Iowa races were certainly a surprise.

Trump kept telling us that he was gonna' win and that if you don't finish first you're just a looser.

So, guess what?

He lost.

Onto New Hampshire!

What's really weird is that I will be in both states before the end of the month.

I'm glad I missed the presidential election crap.

It might' messed up my loose meat and lobster lunches.

Enjoy the mild weather.

Ahh, what the hell:

Super Bowl Pick too:

Denver 20 Carolina 17

Yep. I picked the upset.

But what the hell do I know?

I had Dallas over Miami!

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