Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Are We Beyond Help?

The news of Supreme Court Judge Scalia's death came down on Saturday afternoon.

There was a bit of shock at first.

I was watching a movie at the time and was clicking on social media sites.

The shock gave way to one or two messages:

Those who were glad the man was dead!


Those who believed that he was murdered by 'libtards'.

I continued to scroll.

Soon enough those two folks met on a message board...

...almost every single message board!

The hate.

Pure, simple, bitter, nasty, vile...


The man hadn't been dead for even ten hours.

And yet this was where the battle went.

Then it came down to people wondering about who Obama might pick.

Someone suggested that Obama shouldn't be allowed to pick.

(Even though that doesn't actually jive with the constitution).

Others argued that so and so might nominate someone or the other.

I wonder...

...Has it always been this way?

Has there always been this much division?

I don't remember it being this bad, but like my kids, I lived without thinking of such things.

Does it matter to us as much as we think it does?

I know that it does.

The laws of the land moving forward will be determined by who is chosen.

Let's let this guy get into the ground first.

Everyone sorta' deserves that, right?

Before the hate machine gets revved up again.

I know...

...too late for that.

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