Sunday, January 10, 2016

Top 5 Recent Television Series!

I caught an episode of Sanford & Son the other day... was amazing what they got away with. We all laughed. Now it would be considered politically incorrect.

Times change.

Well, we have been watching long series on Net Flix.

Here are my top favorite long-running series of recent times.

5). Dexter - Sam and Jake love this one and we are currently trying to get through season 7. I have seen a lot of Dexter lately.

I do like it.

Dexter, Deb and the rest of the cast are good.

My problem is that they run from one absolutely devastating life-changing event, sometimes three or four in a single episode...and no one seems to sleep or get tired, or even get too damaged emotionally.

Plus...he's a serial killer!

He kills everyone!!

Hard to love him with all that blood!

4). Homeland - it's no secret that I love Claire Danes. I could watch her recite the ABC's for an hour. The show was really great early on. The last season was good...after it took a little while to get there though and there was a lot of time when I was saying, "Who the hell is him?"

But it's always good.

3). House - A really smart show and Hugh Laurie was awesome. Great character. Great wit. A lot of life.

Loved it!

2). Breaking Bad - Amazing show. No one did drama better. Bryan Cranston is in my top five of actors of all-time.

Amazing show, bitch!

1). Soprano's - Still the greatest. Gandolfini was the best character of all-time, but everyone else was superb as well.

And I liked the ending!

Where did I go wrong here????

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