Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Digging Out

I sent a bunch of texts out to buddies on the East Coast who were hit with the snowstorm and I wasn't being mean.

I was paying them back.

Here in Buffalo we are usually the ones who are hearing it from those people who aren't seeing much snow.

"How's the weather?" I asked. "It's hot and dusty here."

And it was hot and dusty if you consider hot and dusty to be about 3 degrees with the wind chill, but we weren't getting any snow.

Which was fine with me.

I even watched the weather a couple of times.

Which begs the question:

Why does the weatherman or woman feel that it is necessary to give me a class on meteorology every time I want to know what's going on out there?

On Sunday morning the weather lady was actually going through definitions of the terms as if we were all going to take a freaking exam afterwards.

I don't need to see maps or Doppler Radar.

Just tell me!

Plain language!

"It's gonna' be miserable!"


Back to the East Coast storm.

What did they name it?

Why did they name it?

There were people having snowball fights.

Other people stuck at the airport.

Mountains of snow.


Cars off the road.

One guy saying that he was tougher than mother nature, begging her to bring them more.

Dopey bastard.

Mother nature can kick your ass, dude.

They mentioned that the storm is being blamed for at least 20 deaths.

That's tough.

Back here in Buffalo we know one thing:

Stay home if you gotta'.

No shame in that.

We know that mother nature is tougher than us.

We also know how to dig the hell out quickly.

I hope they do so as well.

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