Saturday, January 16, 2016

Daddy's Home!

During the 6 days away Sam sent me a photo of Melky laying on the couch, her eyes open, staring straight ahead.

"She's so depressed!" Sam noted.

It made me feel so guilty!

My poor Melky!

And my beautiful wife just laughed at me...

..."You and those stupid dogs!"

But as the heels touched down in Buffalo I had one simple thought:

Melky and Paris are going to be so happy.

And they were.

Melody's first impulse upon seeing me as I return home is to grab something out of the dog playpen and run away from me. She will then frantically chew on it as I talk to her.

She was really fired up.

The thing about it is that it's all pretty simple to dogs.

They just want to show and to feel love.

That's it!

(Oh and eat...they like to eat).

But I believe that a lot of life can be summed up in just watching dogs fill their fundamental needs.

My dogs are on a routine.

They know the deal.

Up, out, eat, ride, boney, back to bed.

They like that routine.

They weren't fans of the days when we were gone.

I could easily see how my being gone would upset Melky.

"Five rides!" I told them as we got reacquainted on Friday.

Sam kept taunting them with the cries that:

"Daddy's home!"

Pup-a-roni's all around!

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