Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tempe, Cha-changes, Steven Avery - Out West Part 2

The palm trees and the bright sun are awesome in January.

We were hearing about the winter weather being predicted for Buffalo...and I gotta' be honest...we were laughing a little.

We would miss a storm.

But we are what we know, right?

Life kinda' stays consistent wherever you are.

I spent the first part of the trip playing a little mind game with Kathy, reminding her that she is simply an invited guest on this trip and that what I say goes.

It's a game because we both think it's funny.

I haven't been in charge in quite some time.

But I am using the 'invited guest' line fairly liberally.

Before we left we started watching the Net Flix show, 'Making a Murderer.'

Unbeknownst to me Net Flix is still watchable in Arizona.

We decided to go with the series rather than going to a movie after dinner.

And while there may be a review coming for all of the mess that is the life of Steven Avery I must say that when the simple-minded run up against an agenda there's a good chance that some crushing will take place.

It's a strange, crazy story with a whole bunch of twists.

So...how do I transition to my bowl of pasta?

We have to eat Italian on Sunday's...that's the way it's always been and the way it always will be...but some Sunday's the choices are more inspired. I think of Grandma and Grandpa Fuzzy when I eat eggplant, roasted peppers, cheese and salami before I eat my pasta.

VinciTorio's in Tempe....

...but as my brother Jim so eloquently reminded:

"You'd eat a pile of shit if they put sauce on it."

But that wasn't true!

The pasta was great...and I always believe that I can eat a bushel of linguine. I finished every noodle and the waitress seemed a tad surprised.

"Yeah," Kathy said, "Isn't he something special?"

(She's an invited guest!)

A good night's rest...

...and then a shocker.

Awoke to the news that David Bowie had died.

Thought of 1983 and living in California and buying his record with Changes on it...and playing it for my brothers and sisters.

Seemed like 10 minutes ago.

He was just 36 years old when I picked up that record.

Life moves fast.

Bowie was a brilliant writer.

A tad weird for some people but he knew exactly what he was doing.

Painfully skinny.

Extremely talented.

I have a lot of Bowie on my i-pod. I absolutely love the song Where Are We Now? that he released just a couple of years ago.

RIP Ziggy.

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