Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NFL Predictions Revisited

My boys were quick to bring it up.

We were watching the New England Patriots - mind you - a team that they hate and a team that I like to aggravate them with by rooting for the Hoodie and Tom.

"Let's go over your predictions from September," Sam said.

I knew it would be bad.

I picked a Super Bowl of Dallas over Miami.

Neither even qualified for the playoffs.

"What happened, oh wise one?" Jake asked. "You didn't even get the Bills record right."

"I gave them an extra win," I said. "My fault. Next year they'll be 6 and 10 if you follow their history."

On the field Brady was taking the Pats up and down the field.

I tried a pretend scenario:

"You can have Brady for a year and a guaranteed Super Bowl appearance, but you have to root for him and wear his jersey all year," I said.

"Won't do it!" Sam said quickly.

"No way," Jake added.

"You're both lying! You'd be all in!"

Sam thought about it for a little while.

"I might root for him, but I won't ever like him." Sam said.

They started to slide a little.

"Think of it...a parade down Delaware Avenue and it's all because you decide to root for Brady."

"Can't you go back out west?" Jake asked.

"Yeah. I'm about done missing you," Sam reminded.

I decided to aggravate people on Facebook instead by posting a photo of Belichick.

Some of my friends began berating me as well.


...it's good to be home.

"Dallas over Miami! What a genius!!" Jake said.


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