Thursday, January 21, 2016

Time Passes Quickly

I've spent the entire week thinking back to last week...

...a lot of "I can't believe I was eating pasta in Scottsdale" and an entire week had already passed.

Ran into a guy on the road who was also talking about the fact that he had just turned 50 years old:

"I still feel like I'm in my 20's," he said.

Yeah...the days, weeks, months and years just fly by.

And I have a pretty good memory for things but if someone says 2004 to me...

...I'm not quite sure exactly what was going on.

That was more than 11 years ago!

I actually about 1976...thinking:

"Man! I'm gonna' be 36 in the year 2000!"

And now I have a rough time recalling what it felt like to be 36 years old.


...right on by you.

It's actually a good thing we kinda' get to live it again through the kids.

On Monday night we ate dinner.

Two hours later the boys were talking about getting subs.

"You want anything?" they asked.

"No! You just ate!" I said.

And I thought about the metabolism of the young dopes standing before me.

As a matter of fact as I was writing the blog my niece Nicole stopped by and we visited for a few minutes.

She's a beautiful young lady... seems like she was born ten minutes ago!

And we hold onto moments, if we're lucky to catch them as they're flying by.

In the end... we ever really want is a few more minutes.

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