Monday, January 25, 2016

PTSD - It's An Obama Thing

Didn't you miss Sarah Palin?

I know I did.

She was back in the news this week for two things:

1). She's endorsing Donald Trump.

Isn't that lovely?

She ran with McCain who Trump bashed with his "I like my war heroes not captured" wisdom.

She shouted incoherent rants about how Donald was talking 'common sense'.

And he told us that he has always admired her.

A Trump-Palin Ticket is what this country needs to be great again, right?


2). Her son Track was recently in the news for pummeling his wife (allegedly) and Sarah did not deny this. She spoke about the elephant in the room explaining that Track's problems stemmed from his war stint (he was sent off to fight in the war where we didn't find the weapons of mass destruction) and when he got home his PTSD caused him to hit his wife.

Poor guy.

But Sarah didn't stop there.

She blamed Obama for Track's right hook.

Because he's the leader.

I told you she was missed!

That is obviously brilliant!!

Obama is certainly responsible in this scenario, right?

Actually, I was surprised that she didn't blame the people who are trying to steal Christmas!

Now I'm not quite sure what sort of role she will play as this election gets closer.

I do hope that Trump chooses her as his running mate.

Saturday Night Live will have a field day.

Sarah will enlighten all of us who can't seem to put two and two together and come up with eleven.

And Track?

He sounds like a senator or an Alaskan mayor to me.

He can run with his sister and her 9 kids or how ever many she's up to now.

The Palin's belong in the White House with Donald.

It'll be something really special.

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