Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Your Engine Fell Out"

I am not mechanically inclined.

When I open the hood I may as well be looking at a map of Shanghai.

No clue.

Years ago a coworker asked me to run out and pour some anti-freeze in his car.

I put it in his windshield washer thingy.

"My car is knocking," I said to my beautiful wife last night.

"I heard that," she answered. "What is it?"

"Really?" I asked. "You want my analysis?"

I drove to the first job...

...the knocking was getting louder.

I drove to the second job...

...I could hardly hear the radio over the noise.

"I may not make it home," I texted.

As I drove I saw a mechanics garage...near the 3rd job.

I ignored it.

Went to a job where I knew a guy who knew something about cars. He test-drove it.

"That's f$&ked up," he said as he returned my keys.

I drove to the mechanic's shop.

He test drove it.

"Have you been working on this?" He asked ME!

I laughed.

"The bolts sheared off your engine mount housing and the engine is being held in only by the axle."

"Is that bad?"

"It ain't good?"

"How does it happen?"

"No idea!"

So, how'd your day go?

The engine fell out of my freaking car!!

Brubaker!!! bastard!

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