Friday, November 4, 2016

The Cubbies!

Watching the World Series Game 7 was a real experience.

I was texting at least 6 people as the game went along...almost like watching the game all in the same room.

I thought about the days of old when the world stopped so that the World Series games would be played.

Yankees - Giants or Yankees-Dodgers or Yankees- Pirates or Yankees-Cards

(You get the pattern).

Everyone listening on the radio.

This is the new...everyone stops to watch.

Tweeting back and forth, texting from room-to-room.

A few observations:

1). My father-in-law didn't get his title.

All those Cubs fans finally saw the streak busted, but Indians fans have been waiting since 1948 too.

I felt bad for their fans.

2). TV is Ruining Sports.

Why didn't that game start at 7 p.m.?

Everyone knew it was going to rain by 11 p.m.

When the tarp came on, I cursed Fox and MLB - if we wanted to see the end we were look at a 1 a.m. finish.

Back in those old days the games were played in the afternoons.

We can't get one afternoon game just for the fun of it?

3). Joe Buck aggravates me to no end.

I muted him again.

He is just bad for baseball.

We all hate him.

What will it take to get him fired?

4). Both managers were lousy.

Madden clearly abused Chapman.

Miller and Allen were both gone in a tie game.

The final batter of the game...with the tying run on was Michael Martinez.

Never heard of him.

I think they managed scared.

5). Baseball is the best.

The drama was intense.

A late homer by an old veteran to get the Indians off the mat.

The Cubs got off the mat to win.

Fans were crying.

Players were crying.

It was nuts!

And it actually wasn't a well-played game.

But the Cubs won!

It looked weird on the television screen.

Like something from a movie.

The Cubs?


World Champs!

What a season.


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