Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What Are You Afraid Of?

They're trying to figure out if something was wrong with the vote count in the swing states.

That's exciting because who really wanted that election to stop in November?

It was such a wildly wonderful contest that brought out the best in all of us, right?

Now the fighting can continue right up to the January swearing in!!

I've done my best not to read anything about it.

Political talk now gets the Stephen A. Smith treatment...

...as soon as I hear a word I flip the channel.

Yet Thanksgiving went fine because no one actually brought it up.

I think people are tired of talking about it.

I had one passing conversation where someone mentioned that they hadn't actually slept through the night since the election results poured in.

Yet I have had one conversation on Facebook and one of the people in the conversation asked:

"What are libtards afraid of? Can't they give Trump a chance?"

The fact that libtards is a word is disconcerting, but I also stumbled upon a letter that was sent to the CAIR organization in Los Angeles.

It was addressed to The Children of Satan.

The letter reads:

"You Muslims are a vile and filthy people. Your mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs. You are evil. You worship the devil. But your day of reckoning has arrived. There's a new sheriff in town -- President Donald Trump. He's going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And he's going to start with you Muslims. He's going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews. You Muslims would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge! This is a great time for patriotic Americans. Long live President Trump and God Bless the USA."

And, of course, that idiot doesn't speak for everyone, but what are some people afraid of?

He speaks for some.

And that's scary.

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