Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Politics Free

Not mentioning a word about the winner or loser.

Catch the football game on Monday night?

It was actually a good game!

That rarely happens in the NFL...

...but lo and behold:

It was marred by a horrific call by a horrible referee crew.

I was on the road...texting with my highly aggravated boys.

"It might be fixed," Sam said. "Seattle was favored by 6."

When you have people questioning your sport...well, that ain't good.

I know a whole lot of people who aren't watching anymore because some of the people are kneeling during the anthem.

I know others who stopped watching because of the concussions.

An expert stated last week that the NFL will be gone in 20 years.

Not sure about that, but there are cracks in the shield.

I have been spending my Sundays doing imitations of some of the Italian dishes that Dad and Jeff perfected.

I certainly wish I could pick up the phone and ask about some of the secrets, but the world knows that me, along with all of my siblings, can cook it up.

I stuffed some meatballs this past Sunday and before my beautiful wife left to meet my mother for Bingo (Mom won!) I gave Kathy a meatball.

She was eating it and I looked over and she was smiling...almost a laugh.

"What?" I asked.

"Its gourmet," she said. "I'm tasting 7 different things."

I laughed.

I used to just marvel at dishes that Dad and Jeff served up.

I tried my own sample meatball...

...I had nailed it!

Now I gotta' figure out next weeks' dinner.

Help me out, Pops, what's next?

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