Sunday, November 27, 2016

It Happens In Threes

So we have the first two.

Florence Henderson...the wholesome Mommy on the Brady Bunch


Fidel Castro...the communist dictator who survived 638 attempts on his life as he wielded the power that stripped people of their rights and impoverished a nation.

The third death in that particular string will probably fall somewhere in the middle, right?

Carol Brady and Castro were certainly central figures in my early life.

But here's some truth for you: I thought the Brady Bunch sucked. I'd watch it if nothing else was on because Marcia was hot enough, but it was too corny.

I could only imagine what my kids would think if I forced them to watch an episode on TV Land.

Yet there was something about that family-type stuff that was endearing evidently. The show has remained a classic in pop culture and the whole world freaked a little when it was reported that Mom may have stooped Greg.

Not sure if that's a fact.

As for Fidel.

He was the face of evil for us as kids.

We heard about the Bay of Pigs and how Kennedy didn't back down. My parents weren't overly political, but we grew up knowing that Castro was pure garbage.

He made it to 90!!!

They tried to gun him down, poison him, stab, bludgeon and ambush him.

He hung in there.

And split the headlines with Carol Brady.

Is it just me who finds that a little odd?

What is weird about the deaths of people that we knew of while growing up is to see how old they suddenly are when they pass.

And will there be a 3rd celebrity death this coming week?

It seems to work that way.

All I do know is that the middle squares in the Brady Bunch tic-tac-toe board is all filled with X's.

That's kinda' sad, right?

Sadder than Castro checking out.

That's for sure.

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