Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Game Day Experience

Last year the Pats came to town and the boys were fired up about knocking them off their perch atop the AFC East.

Didn't work out that way...I was picking them up early because New England had a 3-touchdown lead.

"Come get us!" Sam had texted.

Yet this week the boys were less fired up.

The Bills are hurting and Brady is back.

"I'm not coming home early this year," Sam said. "Cause the Bills are going to be killing them!"

"I won't pick you up if you text then," I said.

"Don't worry about it!"

Kathy dropped the boys off so they could enjoy the game day experience and we settled in to watched The Sopranos before the game was set to begin.

I got a text.

"I don't have my ticket!!!" Sam.

It was just 15 minutes before game time...so I got in the car and picked out a spot to meet him.

(Leaving for a game without a ticket is a pure Kathy move).

The game day experience amazes me...

...old men, kids, men, women, children...

All dressed up in red, white and blue...

...all fired up and full of promise.

The grills are going. Groups of people tossing the football and playing corn hole. There's definitely evidence of alcohol being consumed.

Sam looked miserable already. The rain was relentless.

"Thanks," He said as I handed him the ticket.

"Good luck," I answered.

"We're gonna' kill them!"

I laughed.

Mom and Kathy headed to Bingo. I worked on the pasta...had the game on for a moment and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that someone had tossed...

...a sex toy...on the field????

Could it be?

I went to Twitter to check it out.

Yep...it could be!

"What would make someone do that?" I wondered.

Years ago I went to a ton of games...had a lot of fun...the rain was coming down...it would take a lot of money to get me to go there now.

"Come get us!" Sam texted, late in the 3rd. "Please don't say 'No.' I'm cold."

I laughed.

The game was still in the middle of the 4th as they sat down on the couch and promptly switched the channel...

...to the Sabres game.

"We don't have to go for another 3 weeks now," Sam said.

"Have to go?" I asked.

"Today sucked," he said. "Tired of getting beat by Brady."

I let them off the hook...didn't even tease them much.

The Sabres scored.

"At least the Sabres are good," Jake said.


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