Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Like A Hurricane

My nephew Johnny was up for a 9-day visit.

My boys need a long rest now!

The last day of the trip resulted in Johnny, shirtless with 6-5 painted on his chest, running up the aisle at the Bills game.

They saw a good game and the Bills got the W... they were thrilled.

15 minutes after the game ended Johnny shoveled in a half a pound of rigatoni with a few meatballs.

During the course of the week they played hoops a lot, they stayed up late, told goofy stories, played video games and watched their favorite shows.

Thankfully, Johnny was also in town for my brother John's birthday, Mom's birthday and Thanksgiving. He also spent time with his cousins, his aunts and uncles.

He made them laugh too.

And he sat beside me on the couch one night, arced his eyebrows and just kept smiling at me until I yelled:


"Just looking at your eyebrows," he said.

"Why are you trying to aggravate me?" I asked.

"Am I aggravating you?" He asked.

He smiled even wider.

"Get lost!"

There is so much about Johnny that breaks my heart...

...but every second that he's around...

...let's just say that he's a force of nature.

"He's something," Jake said. "All my friends really like him. He's funny."

We love when he visits, of course.

"You miss Johnny?" Kathy asked Sam just a few hours after he left town.

"Yeah," Sam said. "But I'm tired!"

I know the feeling well!

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