Saturday, November 5, 2016

Old Friends

Social media certainly helps bring old friends together.

A couple of years back I re-connected with an old college buddy, Tony Mullens. We went back and forth, arguing about how good Floppy James is.

Tony is a fan.

I'm not.

And back in college we connected while playing basketball.

Believe it or not, Tony was better than me.

He could run, jump and dribble the ball. Tony played with my buddy Chris in the A-league.

I played with a bunch of our mutual friends in the B-league. Both of our teams made it to the finals in our respective divisions.

I can't remember if they won.

We definitely lost in the championship a ton.


Tony was in town to visit family. He sent me a message and we made a plan to grab breakfast. I decided to surprise him so I invited Chris to come along as a surprise.

And two steps in the door, after shaking Tony's hand for the first time in 30 years, we started talking... if we'd seen one another a week ago.

That's what's amazing about old friendships.

You pick right up where you left off.

We chatted easily...Chris joined us and soon we were talking about all the guys we knew back then.

"I stopped playing basketball around the age of 46," Chris said.

"Me too," Tony said, "but I still run."

"I can't do anything anymore," I said. "I'm a wreck. Just golf and that's only if I rest first."

And that got us started on our injuries through the years, but for a little while there, we were young again.

Story after story.

The Glory Days at Gannon University.

"We have to organize a reunion back at school. It would be good to see everyone again."

But... can't go back.

And you don't really have to...

...because the old friendships are all still intact.

That's what the easy conversation and the laughs told me.

I bought the breakfast because Floppy the Crybaby won the title.

We're gonna' run that bet back... way they beat Golden State this year.

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