Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Mommy!

My Mom and I've spent a lot of time on the phone this year, talking about how weird the world seems now.

My Mom has mentioned, about 50 times that she never thought that it would all come to this...and it's funny, but Mom is full of compassion and she just finds a lot of the discussion odd.

My mother is a remarkable human being...

... it has dawned on me that my work ethic has come from her. That wasn't an easy revelation as Dad was also a tireless worker, but every  day Mom worked, worked, worked and worked some more...

...always keeping her eye on the prize of raising us.

The older you get, the more you understand and the more  I am able to appreciate all that my parents sacrificed for us.

It hit me earlier in the year when Bruce was singing Independence Day...and he mentioned that he understood that his Mom and Dad gave up the life they were living so that he could live.

Bruce's Dad may have resented it.

My parents never did.

They remained dedicated and even at 52 years of age I can still hear the worry in my mother's voice when I have to travel or I work too much.

Over the past few months Mom and Kathy have spent a lot of time together playing Bingo, and even that takes me back to the nights when Mom would go to Bingo with Grandma Fuzzy.

The circle of life.

The moments are what it's all about.

And today is Mom's birthday!

I hope only that every minute of the day and every second of the year is wonderful for her...

...because her and Dad served my life up to me on a silver platter.

Through hard work.

Unwavering dedication.

Profound love.

And all the things that having six children takes away...

...she never thought about much.

Straight ahead strength.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We love you!

The world may seem odd and different, but you haven't wavered at all.

Your love brings the light.

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