Wednesday, November 23, 2016



I don't have tickets to the play.

Springsteen and his wife caught the play on Sunday, but they didn't even get top billing for audience members this weekend.

I heard something about a politician stopping by.

(Nice little distraction from the fraud stuff...but this isn't a political post).

It's a post about the theater!

Famously I was in two plays in college.

In one my director was a gay man who showed a lot of interest in me as an actor.

"You have to rid yourself of the Italian-New York accent and that walk! I've never seen anyone walk like that!!"

Ah well...that play went well.

The second play was with a beautiful girl sharing the stage with me. She was playing my wife and there was a scene where I had to tell her that he mother died. During rehearsal, I laughed every single time I broke the news.

I laughed because she was such a great actress and she had a pained expression planted on her face...and it made me giggle.

So, on opening night the director made me turn my back to the audience and break the news. I did so while making a face...

...that made my beautiful co-star laugh!

We were talking about the death of her mother and we were both laughing our asses off up there. The best part was that the audience didn't catch on.

(Later I asked her to go catch a real play at the Erie Playhouse. I showed her the two tickets and she took them BOTH...telling me her boyfriend would love it!!)

I hope they've had a long, pain-filled love life.


I've also seen two plays.

I saw "Singing in the Rain" with my beautiful wife at Shea's.

The first half was all right, but after intermission I was referring to it as "Singing in the f$&ing Rain."

I also saw "Oklahoma" at a dinner-theater in Baltimore.

It was a first date with a girl I only went on one date with.

It wasn't my fault!!!

During the show there was a mentally-handicapped man in row one. He liked to sing-along.

Every time the lead actress broke into song, so did the young man.

He was louder than her.

It struck me funny.

I tried not to giggle...but I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't stop from laughing and I wasn't alone.

The actress (who was stunningly great) broke into the title song and when the man sang it louder...

...she laughed.

Pretty much everyone laughed except for my date.

Ah well.

I hope Bruce and Patti had a better time.

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