Monday, November 28, 2016

Mannequin Challenge

I have to admit.

I don't actually get this one.

People freeze in place and someone takes the photos?

Is that fun?

I watched the cast of the Today Show do it and long after they had their little laugh Al Roker just kept doing it. He did it for so long that I started to get irritated at him.

I honestly started to get pissed.

Finally Al broke character and they all laughed again.

Thankfully I haven't been asked to do it yet, but I don't see it happening. I got about 7 calls to do the ice bucket thing too...didn't do it.

I did write a check because I thought that was a decent idea to raise the awareness of ALS, but I wasn't dumping ice over my head.

And then...the crazy thing happened.

I saw a video of Springsteen doing it with his wife.

Of course he was with Obama, DeNiro, Ellen, and Tom Hanks as he got the Medal of Honor.

So that's okay, I guess.

If I'm ever getting a medal hung around my neck by the president of the United States maybe I'd play the goofy game.

But it amazes me that goofy stuff like that catches on.

The mannequin game.


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