Monday, November 21, 2016

From 70 to 30

Driving home from Syracuse on Friday I opened the windows for awhile because the car was a little stuffy.

By Sunday morning Melky was in a constant shiver in the front seat of the car as we headed out to get the newspaper.


Well, we had a good run!

It's nearly the end of November.

Now I curse the cold until May.

That's a long time, right?

In the middle of last week the story of snow flying made the rounds through the construction sites. There are a lot of jobs that are not yet closed in. I even received a call about one project that is just breaking ground!

Years ago, there was a little quiet time where you could work from the office, on the computer, or doing training. are starting, continuing and finishing.

"It's good to still be busy, right?" One guy said.

"No! I'm cold!!" I answered.

"Shouldn't live in Buffalo," the guy said.


It reminded me of a joke that my beautiful sister Carrie used to tell about a baby polar bear who is walking along the water's edge with his father.

"Dad, are you sure I'm a polar bear?"

"Yes!" The Dad answered. "Your Mom told me you asked her the same question. I'm a polar bear. Your mother is a polar bear. Of course you're a polar bear! Why would you ask such a question?"

"'Cause I'm f&$@ing freezing!" The baby polar bear answered.


People in Buffalo get cold too.

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