Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to All

It's been an odd year..

Hopefully this past election hasn't cost you any friends. Remember that when people are arguing politics everyone truly believes that they're 100% right and the other person is a moron.

Here's hoping that there is some common ground where we can all meet.

We live in a place where we can all voice our misguided as they might be.

Be Thankful for that.

We all have people who love us.

All of us.

Sometimes we forget that as we battle through the long days, but life is short...time runs out.

Be Thankful for those who love you.

And for those you love.

Many of the people reading this today...

...are going to eat too much today.

Be Thankful for that because there are still too many hungry people out there.

Some of us ignore, or are ashamed of those who are struggling to put food in front of their own children.

Be Thankful that you aren't in that boat...

...and if you have compassion for the less fortunate...instead of believing that they are the dregs of our society...

...Be Thankful for the love in your heart.

If you're able to step away from the table and saunter over to the couch be thankful that you're healthy enough to make the trip.

Think of those who are suffering with health issues that make such a trip a real task.

Be Thankful  you aren't on that team.

Many families, all across this great land, will lift a glass and toast those who are gone too soon.

Be Thankful  that you feel such pain because you'll understand that the love was profound and the memories are a tangible, real thing, that you can cherish in your heart forever.

And Be Thankful.

Life goes by too quickly.

It's a truly painful ride...

... if you aren't Thankful.

Be Thankful for what you have...

...instead of mad about what you don't have.

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