Friday, November 18, 2016

Floppy Needs A Day

In the 11th game of the season Floppy the Crybaby (LeBron James) showed up for his basketball game in Indiana in a suit and tie.

He needed a day off.

He's healthy, mind you, it's just for rest.

11 games in 20 nights...he plays about 35 minutes a night...

...and he needs a day already?

The Cavs say that they want to rest him here and there so they can win a championship... June!!!

Hey Floppy...take a nap!

Why does it aggravate me?

He makes $30 million a year to play 82 games in 7 months.

Meanwhile some father and son in Indiana saved up their money and circled the Cavs game when the schedule came out...


Those are the people who pay crazy money so that you can be treated like royalty.

You don't care????

You need rest???

I'm extremely bad at taking days off. In fact, I have to force myself to do it.

Some days I can't even walk.

But I go.

And no one is paying to watch me work, but I'm being paid to do a job.

He couldn't even dress up and take a shot?

He's that freaking tired???

Did the Pacers knock a little bit of money off the gold level prices they charged because King Shit was coming to town?


Michael Kay was talking about it on his show.

He made a great point:

What if you went to a steak house looking for a porterhouse. They let you order it and then they bring  you a hamburger and say:

"We're still charging you for the porterhouse.

It's garbage.

Then his fake rage against Phil Jackson for saying "posse" when talking about Floppy and his friends.

Does he really think Phil Freaking Jackson...a guy who's been in the NBA since 1965 is a racist?

Remember when Floppy said "That's retarded."

He begged for forgivesness saying it was just a wrong word.

And he holds a press conference over "posse?"

11 games in...

...and I already need a rest in thinking about Floppy the Crybaby.

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