Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Escape Artist

Harry Houdini died on November 1, 1926.

I found it pretty amazing that it was so long ago, and as usual, I saw something and wanted to learn a little more about the guy.

He died from an appendicitis...

...and a bit of stupidity.

He was supposed to be at the hospital, but he was too stubborn to go so he went to his show while running a temperature of about 104.

That wasn't the stupid part.

Despite the fact that he also was suffering from a broken ankle at the time he played a little game with a guy in his dressing room before the show.

He let the guy punch him in the stomach a number of times because he was trying to prove that he could take the guy's best punch.

Then he told the guy that it hurt only because he wasn't able to stand and distribute his weight properly.

He was 52-years old at the time of his death...

...same age as me.

I'm not letting anyone punch me in the stomach.

'Cause it'll hurt!

Yet, by all accounts, Houdini was an amazing escape artist. His best acts are well-chronicled and he was very protective of his act. He'd sue people who tried to question him, or copy him.

He was ornery.

But think of it...

...we all know him.

"Who do I look like, Houdini?"

As kids we all knew parts of the story, right?

He's been dead for 90 years!

That's pretty cool.

He was amazing, right?

But what a way to go out!

Punch me!

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