Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shut-Up & Sing

So Mike Pence went to the play "Hamilton" and was called out from the stage.

Bigly J. Fraudulent, the Commander-in-Thief, chimed in about it and said that people need to be nice.

What happened to telling it like it is?


Getting rid of political correctness?

Thought the loss of civility was the rallying cry?

The cast of Hamilton read a very respectful statement... wasn't like they chanted "Lock Him Up."

I really get perturbed by the "Shut-up and Sing" crowd...especially as it pertains to the old rockers who have earned their voice.

Rock and Roll was formed with protest of social issues in mind. Dylan, Jagger, McCartney, Springsteen, Neil Young, Roger Waters...

...can't have a voice?

All of the above have stood up for what they believe in all of their lives. That's how it works. Their voices need to be heard.

Whenever a statement is made these days someone shouts back:

"We don't care what you think!"

Well, don't listen then.

But they can't say it?

Personally I don't care what a Facebook nobody thinks and maybe there are people who don't care what a guy who writes a blog every day thinks.

But this  is (still) America. We can shout our dissent from every purple mountain.

And that is really going to happen now..

A lot.

So let's get the rules straight:

People can speak...(First Amendment) and speaking out may have consequences, but the government is NOT to infringe on our ability to say what we want when we want to.

That's it.

Bigly protested about people speaking out.

Bigly needs to know that it will continue to happen.

Being thin-skinned will make this a loooooooong two years...

...or however long this takes before he's dragged out of that chair.

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