Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Birthday John!!

It's my brother John's 53rd birthday today...

...wish him a good one if you see him!

It's funny, but John's name came up as I was talking to Johnny and my boys.

We were sharing stories about growing up:

All the greatest hits.

The wrench in the boxing glove, the scaffold on his head as he chased me across the back yard.

One of Jake's friends was here...

"He's tough, huh?" The kid asked. "I'd just run away."

"No!" My nephew John called out. "He'd catch you! He runs like a deer!"

John was my first friend in this life.

We played, fought, competed, drank, laughed and cried together.

I think of him every day and move through the dark...

...with him in my heart...

...every single day.

Love you, brother!

Have a great day!!

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