Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I never liked that ESPN Analyst Steve Phillips. He was a General Manager for the minor league baseball team in New York (the Mets) and at ESPN he did little more than bash the Yankees and their 'gigantic payroll.'


Seems Phillips was canned the other day because of his dalliance with, as the New York Post calls her, a "Schlubby" 22-year-old woman.

There is so much of the story to comment on. First off, "Schlubby" is a horrible way to refer to anyone. Coming from a man who can be confused for Schlubby, I take offense.

I don't believe we should be referred to in such a manner, especially in a news story. Imagine seeing your name in print and the description that follows being something like .. pale and puffy, bald as a cue ball, round as a melon, pear-shaped, vertically-challenged, Mets Fan, mentally-handicapped, ...schlubby. (Oh sorry, Mets Fan and mentally-handicapped are one and the same).

Yet what galled me about the article was the statement from Phillips' agent that explained that his client had an illness, and would be treated as a sex addict.

Doesn't putting the "illness" label on it make it seem less like Stupid Steve's fault? He has four kids and a wife at home and he's out schlubbing around because he's sick?

Give me a break. Who doesn't like sex? Who when pressed wouldn't say - yeah, I could addicted to that? Who indulges in such behavior every time someone walks by with an inviting scent?

Yeah, dogs, that's who? Did you ever see your dog meet the neighbor dog? Yeah, they go right for it - schlubby or not. And as owners what do we do? We yell - "Aw, come, on, don't do that!"

We are appalled that our dog can't show the restraint to keep his nose out of the neighbor dogs ass.

Sort of how I think of Steve Phillips. Illness...A-Ha-A-Ha-A-Ha-A-Ha.

And he loves the Mets...how much better can the story get?

He's the Schlub.

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