Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Going Rogue

As if having to wait another day for the Series to start isn't enough to frost my ass, tonight I stumbled upon the story that speaks of Sarah Palin and her $1.25 million dollar book advance.

Is it a pop-up book?

The book is to be released on November 17th and it is already number one on the best-sellers list.

Come on, people, really? What can she tell us? How to skin a coon?

And if that ain't enough, George W. is getting $100,000 per speech. What is the speech entitled, "How to Screw up Your Job in 10 Easy Lessons?"

Now before I get accused of being a liberal, let me explain.

It's all too soon. We have not yet gotten over the disaster of the last eight years. We are still scrambling around in caves and sand trying to save face somehow. People are still out of work. The trillion dollar debt is still threatening our future.

And we're giving these people millions to spread more fertilizer?

I must admit, I didn't read Clinton's book either, and had no interest in Hilliary's literary effort. As a matter of fact, the only book I ever read from an ex-president was a charming little story about growing up as a peanut farmer from Jimmy Carter. I didn't learn much there either.

And during this past year, I have lost all interest in what is going on in Washington. The he-said, she-said, he-said hatred of all of it wore me down, and I gave up. Palin and McCain/Obama and Biden was enough to turn my stomach every which way, and none of it mattered anyway.

So, here I sit wondering how to get my passion back for what is going on out there.

Should I read Sarah's book?

Is it a comedy?

At $1.25 million for an advance, it would almost have to be, wouldn't it?

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Denise said...

Sarah may not be writing a comedy, but there is this parody: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2009/10/palin_parody_going_rouge_fair.html



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