Monday, October 19, 2009


I just read an article about CC Sabathia who was raised by his mother. Of course he is the wildly successful Yankee pitcher who will most likely close out the sweep of the Angels tomorrow.

Anyway, it seems that when CC was going through high school he struck a deal with his mother that he would not have a grade lower than a B. In fact, it was a one-sided deal because his mother's end of it was that as long as he stayed B or above, he could play sports. Anything lower and he was out.

That's kind of like telling the kids you get A's and B's and I'll let you live.

Lo and behold, CC got a C - in Spanish - senior year - while his basketball team was getting ready to play for the State Championship. CC's mother suspended him from the team and the big game. CC cried. CC's coach cried, but CC's mom stuck to her guns. He didn't play, his team lost, and he brought his Spanish grade up to a B.

I told the story to Matt, who has struck similar deals with Kathy, but as of now hasn't been restricted from participating. (Let it be known - Matt gets good grades and is a decent enough fellow, but he's seen a C now and then).

"That's crap," Matt said. "His mother sucks."

Actually, it's sort of the other way around.

Lately, I've been thinking about what it is going to take to try and get going again. How will what mattered before matter to me again? What will make me write? How will I go back out there for book-signings? When will I get all fired up about doing my job again?

Well, my friends, it's in the discipline. It's all about pushing yourself a little harder to reach your goals.

I'm certain that CC never really thought his mother would yank him off that team. He probably was pretty full of himself, and thought he'd get a free pass.

Life isn't about free passes. It's work, work and more work, to get ahead of the pack. It's about being disciplined.

I've said the word to myself about a hundred times today, and I feel better. I feel more focused. I hope I have the discipline to keep charging ahead.

After CC beat the Angels on Friday night 4 to 1 - his mother called him. She congratulated him on the win, but had one simple question for him.

"Why would you throw a hanging curve ball to Morales? Why don't you throw the fastball like I told you? You have a great fastball."

CC said that he didn't even bother to explain that he had pitched pretty well and that his team had won a big game, and that he needs to mix in a curve now and then. His mother would have shot down such a weak explanation.

Perhaps it might seem harsh, but she taught the boy discipline, and is evidently still willing to dish it out.

Pretty cool.

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Larry L said...

very cool, I don't know if I would have had the discipline to keep my son out of the big game.


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