Sunday, October 18, 2009

All You Need is Love

If you're watching the baseball playoffs, (hey aren't the Yankees in it?), you can't miss John Lennon singing in the background of one of the commercials.

In fact, we've heard it so much here, (hey the Yanks haven't lost yet in the playoffs have they?) that Sam was singing along yesterday.

"You know who sings this?" I asked.

"No, but it's good," he said.

"It's John Lennon," I said. "Do you know what band he was in?"

All You need is love, Sam sang as he shrugged me his answer.

"The Beatles."

"I heard of them," he said.

Yet the real benefit of hearing that song over and over is because it is so simple, but so true. All You need is love

My 45th birthday has been special - my wife and kids presented me with a gold chain that now holds an Italian Horn that my brother wore around his neck for a lot of years. I don't wear any jewelery whatsoever - I've never really even owned a watch, but I'm wearing a gold chain now - and for the rest of my life.

Last night as I was watching the Yankees, I twisted that chain just before the A-Bomb from A-Rod (he's pretty good, isn't he?) and it was a mere coincidence of course, but my cell phone vibrated, and Sam came on the line. (For the first time all playoffs we weren't watching the game together).

"A-Rod," he said. "It's awesome, huh?"

And you know what was better than the home run?

Right, it was all about Sam's call ringing through.

"I don't know if I can stay awake for the end of the game," Sam said. "Will you tell me all about it tomorrow?"

Try and stop me.

All You need is love

To my wife and kids and my exceptional set of family and friends - thanks for being my companion.


deafjeff said...

Happy birthday buddy, may the pasta be never ending.

Larry L said...

Happy Birthday buddy, one week away from mine. It sounds like you have a wonder family, I would love to meet them someday.


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