Monday, October 26, 2009

I Can See Number Twenty-Seven From Here

Geez, what should we talk about today?

The fact that the Bills have won two straight games and are on the charge towards the Super Bowl?

Probably not.

The horrific murders and strange crimes throughout this great land?

We can cover that on any given day.

The Fall TV Schedule and how Family Guy is still the best show on television?

My wife made me sit through a couple of episodes of the Good Wife - aaaaaaah!

Perhaps? What's going on in baseball?

Oh yeah! The freaking Yankees! I nearly forgot!

Four more games to end the long-suffering of the Yankee fans. A couple of starts by CC, a few more bombs by A-Rod, listening to Jimmy Rollins and Pedro (the Yankees are my Daddy) shoot off their mouths for a week, it's all part of the ceremony.

A couple of rain-outs, a snow-out, and if all goes according to planned, title #27 by the time the kids get off for Thanksgiving break.

We watch the Yankees so much around here that this morning my wife was getting misty-eyed as they celebrated. It's almost as if we know the multi-millionaires personally.

Whatever! It's been a good day. The haters are dropping their eyes when they see me coming. My fellow Yankee fans are basking in the glory.

Just like it should be at this time of year.

What else is there to discuss?

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Larry L said...

I never would have guessed today's topic.


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