Thursday, May 18, 2017

Yankees 7 Royals 1

The monthly trip is a bit nutty. A lot of states, a bunch of sites, thousands of air miles and hundreds of road miles, but I saw the baseball schedule.

Of course I did!

I love ⚾️ and in April I checked the Yankees trips to Kansas City. There was just one!!

But luckily I was on schedule to make the visits when the Yankees arrived.

Sam did the work. He found the ticket online and I didn't even look at it until I got there. I was down the left field line a little. Actually a lot closer to third than the wall.

I sat beside two guys who go to every single Royals game. When I told them I was visiting from New York State you'd think I slapped them.

"Could be a 12-10 game," the guy said. "C.C. stinks."

I laughed.

C.C. didn't stink and four innings into the game the Yankees were up 5-0.

They weren't talking to me much, but I didn't care...

...I was busy.

Just relaxing.

I love being outside just watching ⚾️. It was a beautiful night with clear skies and a warm breeze blowing through. It was also nurse's night so there were a lot of young women bantering about, wearing baseball caps.

There was food, of course. Kansas City brisket doesn't suck.

And CC just kept putting up zeroes.

Yet Kansas City fans stay until the very last pitch.

One other thing got me during the game.

They always put up the photo of the guy at-bat with his stats and his important information.

It was Chase Headley who got to me.

He's considered one of the older Yankees.

He actually looks my age!

I was two years out of high school when he was born!!!

I kept staring at the 1984 as his year of birth.

I'm 20 years older than one of the old dudes!

I couldn't drink like I used to when he was born!!

What the hell happened???

Then it hit me:

My dream of playing centerfield for the Yankees is apparently over.

But I still dream when I'm there.

The two Royals guys checked out in the top of the 9th.

They didn't say goodbye.

C.C. Stinks, my ass!

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