Sunday, May 28, 2017

What's Up With Dreams?

Did you ever wake up from a dream and think:

"What the hell was that?"

It happened to me the other night.

I'm talking waking in the middle of the night, (because I had to pee) I rarely make it through a whole night without getting up once.

And I instantly gathered the facts of the dream that I had seemingly just finished.

I was on a construction site.

(No big stretch).

There were two pretty girls from high school there.

(I haven't seen either of these girls this century).

They were making fun of me.

(Like they did in high school).

We were all getting ready to leave the job, but we had to wait for one other guy.

(Apparently it was to be a double-date).

"What are we waiting for?" I called out.

"Pence," Lisa said. "He's in the shitter."

(Mike Pence emerged a moment later).

That was it!

What the hell does that mean???

I laughed as it all came back to me.

"Mike Pence? WTF?" I thought as I laid back down to 😴

My usual double-date partner back in high school was Jeffy.

Is he somehow Mike Pence in my dreams?

Why were the two pretty girls, in their 1982 forms, there with me on my construction project???

The only thing that made sense to me is that they were making fun of me...

...and, oh yeah, Pence in the shitter...

...that makes a little sense too.

Dreams are messed up!

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