Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Up Before the Dawn

It struck me at 4:15 that I was all done sleeping.

These are weird days. Been going on awhile so I'm used to it, but if I don't get a massage, my legs buzz incessantly and I can't sleep.

We blew it by not calling for a massage earlier in the week. By the time we tried, all the Moms had the appointments.

So, I was wide awake at 4:15.

Which isn't so bad.

The window was open so there was a cool breeze coming through. Melky was snoring beside me, and  before the tasks of the new day arrived in my mind I got to think about the past glories of yesterday.

The sauce was good.

Kathy had a nice Mother's Day and I spent a couple of hours with my Mom. Just me and her talking about everything. My Mother-In-Law is feeling better, and my father-in-law inhaled more pasta than me!

And we watched the Jeter ceremony and so many things rushed through my mind. When Mattingly was on the big board with his message, I choked up, thinking of the past games I watched with Dad and my brothers.

And there was a clip of Jeter hitting the walk off homerun on November 1 and they showed his Dad in the crowd. Jeter's pop simply flashed a thumbs-up to his boy, and the father-son aspect of baseball made me choke up again.

A simple thumbs-up from Dad.

My Dad was good at doing that for us, and I make sure to do the same for my kids.

The birds started chirping as I considered the tasks for the upcoming day.


Always a lot of work ahead.

We push ourselves in all sorts of directions. I often wonder about what it might feel like to slow down someday, but not today. Not this week.

More to do.

As the light of the day bursts through the window there's plenty to be thankful for.

Buzzing legs and all.

A touch.

A smile.

A big dish of pasta with people you love.

A walk-off homerun.

The singing birds.

A thumbs-up.

For two hours, I laid in bed just thinking, and thanking...

...listening to Melky snore.

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