Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Break Down Dead Ahead

Saw a photo of Brad Pitt somewhere.

"He's getting old," I thought.

Hey, even guys know that Brad Pitt is pretty, but his eyes looked drawn, there was grey...wrinkles.

And life is weird because in your head you always feel the same. When you see a guy miss an open jump shot while playing basketball you say:

"I could've hit that! He was wide open!!"

"It was an NBA three," Sam reminded me. "You would've only got it halfway there."

Church is a great place to see all the stages of life. I really enjoy the community of it all and Sunday, during what was a First Communion Mass I saw children, married couples with kids, the middle-aged, and, of course, some members of the older generation.

There's an older gentleman who sits in the row directly behind me. He sings in a deep baritone, but sings softly enough...his wife beside him singing as well, and I imagine all that they've seen. They've probably been married for 50 years...

...and they've seen it all. They've been through all the breakdowns that life offers and they come out on the other side...


And there is always a crying baby somewhere.

I watched an anxious 30-something Dad, bouncing the kid on his hip, bending to pick up a toy, shooting an annoyed look at Mom, and finally smiling when the kid quieted.

Those days are behind me as well, but they were well lived days.

One of the kids did the second reading.

A loud, confident kid, letting the world know that "God is righteous!"

Everyone snickered when she punched the last word.

Somewhere there were proud parents out there.

So, Brad Pitt looks a little older.

I feel quite a bit older...

...and we all start the breakdown the minute after we take our first gulp of air.

Nothing wrong with breaking down.

As long as you fit the living in.

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