Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Little Too Close

What an amazing medical world that we live in.

That's the thing we forget when we argue back and forth about who deserves what in terms of healthcare. We all certainly want 2017 healthcare...

...and 1960 prices.

Not debating anything!!! I know big pharma has sucked the eyeballs out of the common man, but...

...when it all works out, it's good.

I was struggling with the groin and hip again and I was going through my day a few weeks ago when I thought about a procedure from last year.

I made a call.

It would take a few weeks to get me in, but I'd find relief eventually. It would just take a few needles to the groin. Wish I could say it sounds worse than it is.

The doc used ultrasound to find the heavy inflammation in the tendon and she marked the area with a pen. It was dangerously close to the most private of all areas.

We talked about the rain

"Gotta numb it up good. It's in a tough spot."

"Here comes the needle."

The numbing shot hurt...

...and then the weirdness started.

We all know what Novocain feels like after the dentist chair.

Think of that numbness all the way up and down your leg and, uh, umm, elsewhere.

Moments later I sat for a minute to get a clear head and then I stood, and almost tipped over.

"Stay off of it today," Doc said. "I hope it allows you to golf this year."

I took a step.

So weird!

"Are you okay? Stay off!"

"Doesn't feel like I have a choice!"

I laid in bed with the two dogs and we watched Law & Order and worked with the laptop.

12 hours later I walked with just minor discomfort.

2017 healthcare.

50 years ago I would've been in a wheelchair.

Gotta' look at the bright spot, huh...

...when they're putting needles in your groin.

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